Rollback Trucks Hire

Benefits of Hiring a Rollback Truck

Rollback Trucks Hire GautengManley Plant Hire offers Rollback/Lowback Truck transport services in the greater Gauteng and now also in Waterberg from Vaalriver.

Hire a Rollback truck for the most cost effective way to transport almost any vehicle, industrial equipment such as compressors or forklifts etc…

Easily transport a broken down or unlicensed vehicle with a rollback flatbed truck.

Transport industrial equipment cost-effectively between sites.


More about Rollback Trucks

Rollback Trucks Hire GautengA rollback wrecker is a type of tow truck. Typically used to transport personally owned motor vehicles, a rollback wrecker features a flatbed with rails. The bed, in its entirety, can be hydraulically lowered to ground level. Vehicles to be transported can be driven onto the flatbed or pulled onto it with a winch. After the vehicle is safely positioned, the flatbed is raised back level with the tow truck chassis and locked into placed, and the vehicle is secured for transport.



Rollback Trucks Hire GautengAlthough it is most commonly used for personal vehicles, a rollback wrecker can be fitted with a large enough flatbed to accommodate bigger vehicles. Heavy duty diesel rollback wreckers frequently carry large, heavy equipment vehicles such as backhoes, cranes or other construction vehicles. Commercial transport vehicles can be transported for delivery or repairs via a heavy duty rollback wrecker. Tow trucks for large vehicle transport are common, but the term “rollback wrecker” typically refers to emergency roadside recovery equipment for personal motor vehicles.



Rollback Trucks Hire GautengIn terms of emergency roadside recovery vehicles, there are three basic types of tow trucks. These types include wheel-lift tow trucks, hook-and-chain tow trucks and flatbed or rollback wreckers. Wheel-lift tow trucks as well as hook-and-chain wreckers transport a vehicle by lifting the front or back axle, leaving the remaining wheels on the ground to roll behind the truck.

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